Thursday, August 30

Useful Feeds

I located a few useful news feeds. It was a learning experience to see what's out there.

Thursday, August 23

Finally #23

I am sure that all the lessons were good for some and some of the lessons were good for all. I enjoyed image generator and the word processing online teaching the most. Some of the things I learned I probably wouldn't use, but it is good to know they are out there. It opens your eyes to more possibilities. And if someone is looking for some of these resources, I hope I could help them with that now.

Audio Books

I am alittle familair with this, although I don't use it. I prefer to read a book if I have time, my drive to work isn't long enough to get much in if I was listening to an audiobook. But, I think this is a great resource for many. Especially those that are at home and don't get to the library that often.


Not sure I had time to investigate this because I'm not sure I see the value of it. And, who has the time to listen to all this stuff?


If you haven't checked out Second Life yet, here's another opportunity. This is an introduction video I found on You Tube. You can take classes here at colleges, go to libraries, I don't even know the extent of it.

Web 2.0 Winners

I went to Cocktail Builder and it was cool. I like that they rate the drinks so you don't spend your time trying stuff you may not like.
Also, am familiar with Google maps and think it is the only way to go. I have actually pulled google maps up and talked to someone over a cell several times to help them find a location or get "unlost". I think it is great.... you are coming to a bridge-- do you see it? H2O should be on your left. Are you there? It's great.

Online Word Processing Tools

I think this is a great tool. Especially for those that don't have the money to invest in Microsoft Word or some other program. However, I was wondering how compatible it would be with online classes, for example. For the posting and editing required by colleges.